Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday Blog Time!

Well last Thursday I was working hard getting ready to go camping in the mountains and the Thursday before that I was too busy studying for a Biology lab practical that was 20% of my grade, but this Thursday I finally have time to post!

I am very happy to report that I got a 95.71 on the lab practical, which basically means that as long as I manage to get an A on the next practical I'm guranteed to get an A in the class. The class average was 68.6 and all I heard before the test was how hard it was. I personally thought it was pretty easy...but then again after talking to people in my class since the test I apparently spent way more time studying than anyone else did. I'm fine with that though, as it obviously paid off.

My spring break wasn't much of a break. I worked 10 hour days all week through Thursday, but such is the life of the working student. I was fortunately able to get away to the mountains Friday-Sunday, and as much work as the camping trip was, it was really fantastic. I'll post some pictures soon, but the place we stayed was amazing. We hiked in to the Chatooga river on the South Carolina side from a trail head on Big Bend Road about 20 mins outside Walhalla, SC. Here's a pretty good approximation of where we were staying on the river.

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It was the first time in a long time that I had been camping and I loved it. None of the ladies went since Michelle had the baby, Meg stayed with Michelle and Cassie (Megan's brother's fiance) had to work. It was myself, Matt-Meg's brother, and Jonathan-Meg's sister Michelle's husband. We camped right on the river, fished and caught our dinner for Saturday night and had to find wood and maintain our own campfire. Plus there was no plumbing whatsoever, so no showers and woods for a bathroom. The hike out of the campsite was atrocious to say the least. It was 1.5 miles and 95% of it was uphill on a steep grade. I thought I was going to die about halfway through it and I have never been happier to see a grey Ford Taurus in my life.

Other than the hiking trip there isn't a whole lot more going on. Meg and I decided not to break our lease early and move which means that I will be driving an hour one way to Athens five days a week for all of June and July. I'm not looking forward to it, but it's temporary. Plus I'm trying to weasel an iPad out of the whole deal so if that's what I have to do to get one, then so be it.

I'm a little nervous about starting classes at UGA. I've already checked and the organic chemistry class I'll be taking has a max of 181 students. I've never been in a class that big and the thought of it scares me a little. People keep telling me that once I get into my major level courses it will be better, but I checked a lot of them and those classes are around 120-140 students. I know it's probably much ado about nothing, but I really need to make an impression on some of my professors so I can get a good letter of recommendation for med school and it's just gonna make it that much harder.

I really want to go see Ryan again this year, but I'm having trouble getting Cody to agree to go with me. I don't quite understand the hesitancy, but I wish he would just come out and say whether or not he is gonna come up. If the ticket price is a concern I'm sure that we can plan a time to go when it will be cheap to fly, not to mention that he probably won't have to pay for all of the ticket himself. I'm just gonna keep pestering him until I get an answer...the rest of you should feel free to join me in that mission as well.

Random Thoughts: I'm hungry, I am so glad it has warmed up some down here, the tattoo on my leg gets way more attention than I ever thought it would...can't decide whether that's good or not, miss my Sauls/Gant family (sorry Heather, you're included in that I just couldn't bring myself to type Darby there), I still can't seem to find a good condom that I like, need a new case for my phone, there are a lot of ugly people in this computer lab right now...not meant to be mean...just an observation.

I love you all!

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