Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's Alive!!!

I'm back!  I keep convicing myself that I don't have time to blog regularly and then I realize that this is the best way to keep my loved ones informed of my daily life and a wonderful way to keep a record of this interesting time for me.  School + Work + Mairrage, medical school on the horizon and now talk of babies in my future...there is too much going on in my life right now for me not to make a better attempt at documenting it.  Moving on...

Fall semester is over, thank God.  I'm pretty thrilled with how everything went.  Just for the record my schedule was advanced Biology with lab, advance Chemistry with lab, Spanish 2 and Precalculus.  I made an A in 5 out of 6 classes.  My only B was in Precalculus and that's because I slacked off and skipped the last 2 weeks of class.  I will say, however, it was a vast improvement for me because the old me would have slacked and just made Bs in all of my classes.  I'm still having trouble motivating myself to do the work but I'm doing way better than I ever did in high school.  Next semester I have Biology and Chemistry part 2 with labs, advanced Spanish 1 and American Literature 2 (turns out I needed another English credit, can't say I'm sad about it though).

Surprise: I'm loving my science classes.  The things I learn on a regular basis absolutely blow my mind.  I have to say I'm both excited and terrified about the major I've chosen at UGA (where I should start in the summer, I'll be sending my application in early January).  It's gonna be Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, a mouthful for sure, but it should be pretty awesome.

Random Thoughts:
I want another tattoo,  I miss Ryan and Cody...a lot, I wish I didn't have to work while I'm in school, Christmas shopping sucks, I want mexican food, the Christmas tree in my bedroom looks awesome (I'll post a pic later)...

Question for everybody reading this: I have a choice to make, I can either cram all my remaining classes into the next 2 years at UGA and graduate with a B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and an A.A. in Spanish, or I can add a year, stretch out my classes (while adding a few more) and graduate with a B.S. in Biochemistrey and Molecular Biology and a B.A. in Spanish (2 bachelor's degrees instead of 1).  Reasons to add the degree: classes are spaced out more so I take fewer hours each semester, I graduate with 2 bachelor's degrees which makes me more competitive, I have more time to bring my GPA up, I'll learn more Spanish which will aslo help me get into medical school and will help me get a job later down the road.  Reasons not to do it: it'll take an extra year, it's a lot of extra work to get a second bachelors degree, more classes means more chances I could end up lowering my GPA, unless I do actually get a job somewhere with a high spanish population the degree will be a waste, it's an extra year (I know I said that one already, but it's worth repeating).  Thoughts?


  1. Yay!!! Happy to have you back man!

    Babies? hmmm... I seem to remember someone saying, "me? no..." Haha! How's your sister? I bet she's just about ready to pop, huh?

    I'm really proud of all the hard work you're doing bruh, I don't think I say that very often, but I really am. You make a good big brother haha

    Dude I want another tattoo too! Sara is very encouraging about it. I believe her exact words were, "okay, when do you wanna go?" Ha!

    I miss you too bruh bruh! Sara says she does too (:

    Mmmm... Mexican...

    I would amend your statement to, "christmas shoppers suck." I love shopping, so I go to get involved in the chaos, and without any real agenda, and time to spare, It's not nearly as bad.

    It seems to me that you've already decided to take the longer route, which to me seems more sensible.

    Spreading out the load means you're not having to carry too much weight at any point, not that I question your capability. Also that would allow you more time to focus more thoroughly on what is on your plate. My assumption is that having that additional time would be reflected in your grades.

    I can't see how any foreign language education could ever be a waste, regardless of what/where you end up. The usefulness will find you.

    Ryan's Random Thoughts:
    I want SNOW!!!!!!!! Its been cold enough long enough that WHEN it snows, it'll be around for a while, which makes me happy. In some odd, likely masochistic way, I am craving snow to shovel haha.

    I tied a ribbon on some glass jars as part of christmas gift. Yeah....I tie ribbon like a man haha. In fact all of the presents I've wrapped look like a man did them... Oh well, at least I tried!

    I'm 2-1 for my saturday college football picks. Who knew Northern Illinois would overcome the challenges of an interim head coach and other new staff members.

    I'm being delayed one day for my New York theatre console installation. The console isn't ready. I won't point any fingers, but I don't appreciate how down to the wire this install is becoming. (I just realized that's a pun haha)

    I have stopped doing laundry to comment your post, and now I'm rambling and not being productive ha!

    I'm really happy to see you blogging again though brother. I want a future post illuminating some fantastic meal you and Megan have made.

    Be well!

  2. Dear Joshy and BooBoo...

    I love you both. You're incredible men and I'm so proud of the job I did raising you. Ok. Maybe I had some help. But I'm taking credit. Josh... take longer on school. The time will pass either way and you'll be glad you invested a little more effort and had more time. I'm all for babies. I'm ready to be Gammy Heather whenever anyone is ready. (I'm not one hundred percent sure about the name. Whoever procreates first gets to pick) I miss all of y'all so much it hurts... but I'm so glad that you're all in love and happy and have the lives you have that I don't mind even one tiny bit that it takes you away from me. But you should both blog more often. You both should blog your meals because you both love to cook. Maybe make it a joint effort and make Cody join in.
    love you both... and Megan and anti-pink Sarah.

  3. Make that anti-pink Sara with no H.
    And go ahead and get the tattoos. I don't regret mine. I doubt I'll get another but... eh. I'm old.